Tell President Obama to Protect Coffee from the Effects of Climate Change

Global warming is threatening premium coffee crops in places all over the world like Ethiopia, India, and Costa Rica. Higher temperatures, drought and intense rainfall, and more resilient pests and plant diseases—all associated with global warming—have contributed to dramatically reduced coffee supplies and have played a role in increasing coffee prices.

But there's good news. The Obama administration has the opportunity to protect our coffee from the effects of climate change! In March 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a draft standard that will limit global warming emissions from new power plants. This new standard will not only help save your cup of coffee, it will help protect our health and environment from the impacts of climate change and contribute to a much-needed transition to a cleaner electricity system.

But the Obama administration is under enormous pressure from dirty energy companies to release weak standards that will do little to nothing to protect our health and environment. The Obama administration needs to hear that dirty energy companies don't represent your interests and that you want climate action now.

Take Action Today

Urge President Obama to protect coffee from the effects of climate change. UCS activists recently submitted their "mug shots," and we've compiled a video demonstrating that global warming is already affecting our everyday lives and people are demanding climate action. Simply go to the White House Facebook Page, post the link which will load the video, then add your own personal comment urging President Obama to ensure that the EPA finalizes strong standards to reduce global warming emissions this year.

If you don't already "Like" the White House page, you may need to do this first before posting, but you are free to "Unlike" the page as soon as you've posted your message.

By posting this video on the White House Facebook page, you'll make a public statement to both the White House and your friends and family that the president should ensure that the EPA finalizes strong global warming standards this year.

Now please share your action with your friends. Follow the links below to post this text as a "tweet" or Facebook status:

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Help @ucsusa save #coffee from the effects of #climate change!
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Share on Facebook Update your Facebook status and invite your friends to urge President Obama to protect our coffee from the effects of climate change.

If you're not a Facebook user, take action by writing a letter to President Obama.

Learn more about coffee and global warming and the steps the EPA must take to reduce global warming emissions. Learn how global warming is affecting coffee production in India, Ethiopia, and Costa Rica

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